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Related article: Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 12:50:51 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Brothers gone wildThe usual rules apply. If you dont like reading about little boys having
fun that involves clothing removal, than DONT READ THIS.
Brothers Gone Wild
8yr old Kyle and 7yr old Connor are your typical brothers who got along
great and preteen japanese girls
never went anywhere without each other. But today Kyle had slept
at slim preteen art a friends house the night before and he and his friend pulled down their
pants and rubbed their school xxx preteens penis's together and then sucked on them. Kyle had
so much fun that he wanted to play pre teen pregnancy these games with Connor.The boys shared a large basement bedroom that had its own bathroom and
living room. Today was a snow day from school so the boys were left home
with a teenage babysitter that talked on the phone all day.The boys were in their basment living room when Kyle finally decided to
tell Connor about his new game and see what his reaction would be."Hey Connor, wanna play a new game I played at Michael's house last
night""Whats the game""Well last night me and Michael played a game where we showed eachother
our penis's and then sucked them, It was a lot of fun""Well the part where you showed them sounds fun, but you sucked on them,
sounds gross""It wasnt, it was fun""But pee comes out of there, didnt you taste it""I couldnt taste anything when I did it to him, but when he did it to me,
oh it felt so
good""If you preteens spanking
show me your penis Connor, I'll suck on it""Well.....OK I guess""If you dont like it, just tell me to stop.Connor unfastened preteens spanking
his jeans. Connor began to feel tingling in his groin.
But it was a good kind of tingling.Connor pulled down his jeans and grey hanes briefs enough to expose his
stiff 2in circumsized penis and Kyle began to lick and suck.Connor was in heaven as he felt his brothers wet suction and toungue
tickle his pink head. About 2 min later Connor said "stop I gotta pee""It only feels like you have to, you really dont""If I pee in your mouth its your own fault"The tingly feeling in Connors groin now went into his little penis, his
whole body stiffened, the tingling intensed, and suddenly he relaxed and
breathed hard, Kyle realized Connor had just had his 1st orgasm and
stopped."How was that Connor?"That was great do it again""Nope you have to do it to me now" Connor decided to turn the tables."I want you to take off all your clothes Kyle""Why, I didnt make you""Because I wanna see you naked""I will if you will too""OK I'll take off all my clothes" said Connor sitting on the floor taking
off his socks. Kyle watched with wide eyes as Connor young rape preteenpics pulled off his
jeans and underwear at the same time, and slipped off his yelloy
t-shirt. Connor proudly stood up and said "See I took off all my
clothes, now you do it"Kyle did just as Connor did. He sat on the floor and flipped off his
white socks, took his jeans and green briefs off at the same time, and
lastly his yellow and black sweatshirt.Connor gave Kyle a big "bare" hug and Kyle lay on the couch. Connor took
Kyles 3in penis in his mouth."Cover your teeth with your lips like this""Ooops, sorry Kyle""Its OK, thats what Michael taught me"After about 3 min Kyle saw stars, his penis tingled, and then his body
stiffened and relaxed."You did good Connor, maybe even better than Michael""Did you and Michael take off all your clothes like we did""No, just took our penis's out""Michael and I rubbed ours together, wanna do that too""Yeah" said Connor smiling.The boys just stood close to eachother, put their hands on eachothers
bare butt, and moved their feet up and down while their still wet penis's
rubbed together."Now lets rub preteen underground dark our butts together" Suggested Connor who was licking his
nipples."OK" Kyle giggled as he copied Connor and licked his nipples"Suddenly there was a knock at the door."What" Kyle nervously answered."Its time for lunch guys""Why is the door locked guys""No reason, just wanted to lock it""Your not naked or anything are you""No were not, now leave us alone""OK then, but when little boys lock their bedroom doors it means that
they dont want people to see what theyre doing""Mind you own business Becky""Dont get fresh Kyle, Im just joking with you, now you and Connor, come
eat your lunch"Now fully dressed Kyle and Connor ate lunch and stayed upstairs so Becky
wouldnt try to snoop and Connor whispered "Lets sleep naked tonight" and
they giggled." I heard that" We were joking Becky, now go gab on the phone about
gross stuff like you always do.Send all positive feedback or suggestion for future stories to
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